Orthopedic Surgery

When a bone is broken there are two basic requirements for healing. The fractured ends need to be brought together, and then it needs to be immobilized for the healing period. There are multiple methods used depending on the type of fracture, location, age and size of the pet.

If a fracture is aligned well, a splint or cast can be used. If the fracture is not aligned well, then surgery is indicated. Various devices like plates, screws, pins, and wires are used to stabilize the fracture.

We most commonly use plates and screws to repair most fractures. There are some cases, when the fracture is at the end of the bone, pins and wires may be used. In some fractures you use a combination of techniques.

Most fractures heal within 8 weeks. There is a restriction required during this period to prevent the surgery from breaking down before the bone is healed. The post-operative care is critical and can affect the outcome of the surgery.

Your veterinarian will provide you with instructions on the level of restriction your pet needs to get the best chance for healing.